BURBERRY’s brand history

Burberry (Burberry) is the traditional style of luxury brands, the multi-level products meet consumer demand for different age and sex, the company USES the retail, wholesale and permission to make its popularity is famous in the world. Burberry, founded in 1856, is a royal household item. In the past few decades, Burberry has mainly produced raincoats, umbrellas and silk scarves, and now Burberry has emphasized the noble design of the British tradition, winning the hearts of countless people and becoming an eternal brand.

Brand culture

Burberry (Burberry) has a history of 156 years, is a famous brand with strong British style, has long become a luxury, synonymous with quality, innovation and timeless classics, its windbreaker as a brand is famous in the world. Under the creative concept of Christopher Bailey, chief creative officer at Burberry, the brand has kept up with The Times. At the same time, I expressed the sense of modernity and faith, and also inherited the original value idea and the brand tradition that was founded in 1856.

Burberry’s trench coats and perfumes are well known in the world. Burberry has a traditional British design style with classic plaid patterns and unique fabrics

Generous and graceful. In addition to traditional clothing, burberry also extends its design to other areas and infuses classical elements with products such as perfumes, furs, headscarves, knitwear and replica burberry scarf shoes.

Development history

In 1856, Thomas Burberry, a 21-year-old British man, founded Burberry and opened his first outdoor clothing store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, in the south of England. The good quality, the application of innovative fabrics and the design of the coat made Thomas Burberry a loyal customer, and by 1870, the development of the store had begun to take shape.

In 1879, he developed a sturdy, water-repellent twill cloth -Gabardine (Gabardine), which was widely used and won recognition for its durability. Gabardine obtained a patent in 1888 to design and make raincoats for British officers at the time.

In 1895, a windbreaker named Tielocken, designed for British officers by Burberry, became the granddaddy of the trench coat today. Early hunting and fishing outfit must have the ideal weather effects, can absorb mammoth amounts of wind and rain at the same time should have good air permeability, Burberry clothing to meet the requirements, to provide customers with the outstanding performance of clothing.

In 1901, Burberry designed the first trench coat. In the first world war, king Edward vii designated the Burberry raincoat as a senior military uniform for the British army. He also created the brand’s knight logo and registered it as a commercial sign. Burberry’s windbreaker has been an enduring trend. After the war it became many more celebrity stars good minds, including Audrey Hepburn (Hong Kong and Taiwan to Adele, Teresa ha) and “casablanca” actor as rich assurance and actress eng and strong man. To this day, the Oxford dictionary of the UK, Burberry has burberry scarf replica become another generation noun.

In 1910, Burberry launched a womenswear line and opened a store in Paris, France.

In 1911, Burberry was named as the first traveller to conquer the South Pole, Ronald Amunden, for travel. Burberry Nova Check – 1924 lots – appeared for the first time on behalf of Burberry plaid is used to dry wet coats on the inside of the registered as trademarks in 1967 after more widely used in other products, such as the umbrella and trunk.

Burberry has been deeply loved by the royal family. In 1955, burberry was awarded the Royal Warrant by queen Elizabeth for its traditional, refined design and production. Later, in 1989, burberry received a royal warrant for the royal family, awarded by the prince of wales.

In 1970, burberry opened its flagship store on east 57th street in New York. In 1980, burberry expanded its retail presence in the United States, and its stores were visible in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington and elsewhere.

Due to the change of management in 1997, former CEO Rose MarieBravo joined to make the direction of the Burberry produced change, by has always been the main for the royal family and older celebrity dresses and for multiple levels of the guests, to further expand the guest network; She has invited Roberto Menichetti and Christopher Bailey as design director, photographer Mario Testino, the combination of and supermodel Kate Moss and Stella Tennant, classic elements of it, let the traditional British honourable personality and life taste, again of Burberry’s new philosophy.

In 2000 and 2001, burberry won the British fashion council’s classic and modern design series.

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In the 21st century, burberry has accelerated its global expansion.

In September 2000, its global flagship store opened in London’s new bond street. In October 2001, burberry opened its flagship Los Angeles store to the Hollywood star-studded Beverly hills. Since then, burberry has built more unique stores in key cities in Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and Japan.

In 2002, Burberry launched The Art of Trench tailoring service at its London and New York stores.

In 2003, Burberry launched a new series named after Thomas Burberry, which offers younger, more timely and lightweight clothing, further pushing the brand to younger tastes.

In 2005, Burberry planned to support breast cancer research, and creative director Christopher Bailey designed a special windbreaker and scarf to support breast cancer charities.

In 2006, the company founded the 150th anniversary, and the brand launched the Burberry series to celebrate this special occasion. Angela Ahrendts is officially President of the group, while former chief executive Rose Marie Bravo is vice President. In this year, Burberry launched a new female fashion fragrance Burberry London (London female fragrance), which USES the brand classic plaid pattern to make the outer packing of the perfume.

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In 2007, The Burberry The Beat perfume was launched by British supermodel Agyness Deyn. Design director Christopher Bailey won the award for best men’s fashion designer at the British fashion awards.

In 2008, Christopher Bailey won the annual designer award for the 21st annual GQ awards at the royal theatre, and was nominated by the London fashion awards for best men’s fashion designers.

In 2009, Burberry New York global headquarters was completed at 44 Madison avenue in New York City. New York City mayor Michael bloomberg officially called it “BURBERRY DAY” on May 28, and the BURBERRY building on Madison avenue in New York City sends out flashing lights at three different locations. Christopher Bailey, BURBERRY’s creative director, was excited about the landmark new headquarters.

Flagship store in Beijing in 2011, Beijing yao lai xintiandi, has opened the shop for three layers of flagship store, an area of 1200 square meters, is Asia’s largest flagship store, opening day is held a large live events, spread all over the world of British music, digital technology, and the fashion industry.

On April 26, 2012, the BURBERRY brand held a celebration ceremony at a flagship store in Taiwan’s 101 building.



Burberry’s business model

Attended the activity, BURBERRY’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey, BURBERRY world live activity – a 360 – degree deeply experience will enable, for the first time in Taipei in 2011, Beijing multi-sensory experience for the first time after the test will be the reality and network experience seamless combination of the brand. Burberry’s business model consists of products, production and sourcing, distribution channels and promotion of these four interrelated elements.

(1) product

Burberry will clear product positioning for the life style, the product range stretches from men, women and children’s clothing to accessories, such as scarves, shawls, tie and consistence of accessories including handbags, small products, shoes, suitcases, umbrellas, glasses, table.

Burberry divides product categories into seasonal and sustainable goods. Durable goods, such as classic coats, can have a longer sales cycle; Seasonal commodities mainly reflect the trend of the season.

Burberry has positioned its products as high-end products, which are luxury goods. Burberry has limited the number of products replica burberry scarf  it produces to meet the unique needs of its extremely wealthy consumers.

(2) production and supply of goods

Burberry’s first purchase was based on sales projections to ensure that the product was supplied, and subsequent purchases were made based on actual sales. The internal production equipment was built in England, wales and New Jersey.

Burberry’s main storage and logistics management activities are managed internally. The wholesale setting is in Northumberland and the UK, and three other states in the us, New Jersey, Hong Kong and Barcelona. In order to reduce logistics costs and shorten transmission time, the company directly controls the transportation of goods in the United States and Asian warehouses. All Burberry’s operation is to use external logistics management companies to distribute and deliver goods.

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(iii) sales methods

1. Retail method

The Burberry retail chain includes four different forms, flagship stores, general retail stores, department store counters and discount stores.

(1) the flagship store is located in Barcelona, Tokyo, New York and London. The flagship stores, at least 10,000 square feet, are dominated by products from Burberry Prorsum and Burberry London.

(2) general retail stores. More than 30 cities in Europe, the United States and Asia are usually located in the capital city, and in affluent locations. In addition to providing some basic styles, these stores also offer products suitable for local customs and climate change. For example, there are many raincoats in the Burberry stores in New York and Chicago, and lighter products in Beverly hills stores.

(3) department store counter. For example, in Korea, Japan and Spain, these counters can avoid the cost and risk of running a direct store and mainly run Burberry London/Thomas Burberry products.

(4) discount store. Burberry also has outlets in the UK, the us and Spain, selling retail and wholesale storage at discounted prices. They also sell burberry scarf replica tiny defective products.

2. The wholesale

In 2002, Burberry’s wholesalers exceeded 3,100. Seventeen percent in the United States, 40 percent in Spain and Portugal, 37 percent in Europe and the rest in places like Asia. Wholesale objects include well-known department stores, specialty fashion retailers and duty-free retailers. To serve them, Burberry has showroom in London, New York, milan, Barcelona and Hong Kong. The form of the store is already in the department store.

(4) promotion

Burberry clearly understands the importance of marketing campaigns. To keep the brand unique, all Burberry sales are managed from London. Any local marketing campaign must be determined by the London sales team. The Burberry sales communications act has three key points: advertising, fashion shows and news coverage.

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1. The advertising

Twice a year, most of these ads come from the company’s culture and history. Because the focus is on key products and brands, advertising is different from other products. Both Mitsui and Sanyo are using advertising campaigns from the London sales team in Japan’s advertising market. All advertising campaigns in Japan are subject to approval from the market development department of the headquarters.

2. The fashion show

For Burberry, fashion shows are an important factor in their marketing plans, as fashion shows can build and strengthen the credibility and popularity of brands. The Burberry order for men and women is held twice a year in milan. The Burberry London fashion show is held in London fashion week.